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The Process of Building a Brand New Home

Posted by hoi May 25, 2016 Comments are off 815 views

For some people, building a custom home can be a better option than purchasing an existing one and going through the renovation process. But while choosing between building and buying, you should know what you may be getting into. The home building process can be a daunting one, with many steps along the way. But […]


What To Consider When Choosing A Garage For Your New Home

Posted by hoi April 4, 2016 Comments are off 1080 views

As you make plans to build your new home, you will spend countless hours planning every little detail. From the color of the walls to the position of the counters in your kitchen, each aspect is painstakingly chosen to ensure that the finished product — your home — is exactly what you want. Yet many […]


How To Minimize Plumbing Emergencies In The Summer

Posted by hoi October 7, 2015 Comments are off 1985 views

While plumbing emergencies can strike at any time of the year, there are certain types of problems that are especially common during the summer. Many of these issues are due to children being home during the day, which can lead to overuse of certain fixtures. Also, appliances such as washing machines tend to get more […]


Best Summer Landscaping Tips

Posted by hoi August 14, 2015 Comments are off 2632 views

Keeping your landscape healthy, green and attractive throughout the hottest part of summer is easy, provided you know all the right tricks. Want to know the best ways to keep your gardens growing and flowers blooming despite the summer heat? The following tips will show you how to help your landscape thrive all summer: 1. […]


The Unknown Expenses Of Remodeling Your Home

Posted by hoi June 18, 2015 Comments are off 2794 views

Watch a few remodeling shows, and the idea of buying a fixer-upper suddenly seems like a great do-it-yourself project — you gain equity, get to customize everything to your tastes and, if everything goes well, wind up saving a chunk of money in the process. What could be better? Before you jump into the world […]


5 Ways To Make Your New Home Green(er)

Posted by hoi May 22, 2015 Comments are off 2522 views

You’ve settled on a new home! Whether you’re building or buying, it’s a time of great excitement and hopes for the future. Acquiring a new home goes hand in hand with the desire to live a better lifestyle than before. For many new homeowners, this includes living more sustainably. Here are some top picks for […]


DIY: Plumbing Repair Tips For Homeowners

Posted by hoi May 13, 2015 Comments are off 2653 views

While many people dread DIY plumbing projects, a lot of the projects are actually easy and do not take a great deal of time. Here are some home plumbing repairs that you can do on your own with just a few basic tools. Garbage Disposal Repair One of the most common plumbing repair jobs is […]


Garage Remodeling: Hiring A Professional Or Doing It Yourself

Posted by hoi February 6, 2015 Comments are off 3134 views

When it comes to your garage, taking on a renovation project is more than a great way to update your home’s exterior — it’s a great way to add to its value. According to Remodeling Magazine, adding on a garage provides an average 69.3% return on investment for homeowners, and replacing the garage door can […]


Five Essential Elements of a Great Home Theater Room

Posted by hoi September 17, 2014 Comments are off 3676 views

An opulent home theater room isn’t just the ultimate way to enjoy your favorite films; it is also a trophy item that adds thousands of dollars to the value of the home. Although you undoubtedly want to build the best home theater possible, quality is costly and your expenses can quickly spiral out of control. […]


DIY – Prepare Your Home for Greater Efficiency Before Winter

Posted by hoi August 27, 2014 Comments are off 2902 views

The only thing that you may be dreading more than the cold weather that is coming soon is having to pay the high heating costs that come with it. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can save money on your bill, and many of them are easy to implement. Of course, the most straightforward […]