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How To Minimize Plumbing Emergencies In The Summer

Posted by hoi October 7, 2015 Comments are off 1985 views

While plumbing emergencies can strike at any time of the year, there are certain types of problems that are especially common during the summer. Many of these issues are due to children being home during the day, which can lead to overuse of certain fixtures. Also, appliances such as washing machines tend to get more […]


DIY: Plumbing Repair Tips For Homeowners

Posted by hoi May 13, 2015 Comments are off 2654 views

While many people dread DIY plumbing projects, a lot of the projects are actually easy and do not take a great deal of time. Here are some home plumbing repairs that you can do on your own with just a few basic tools. Garbage Disposal Repair One of the most common plumbing repair jobs is […]


The Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Posted by hoi April 4, 2013 1 Comment 12407 views

Homeowners who undertake remodeling projects are typically altering either their kitchens or their bathrooms. As one of the most frequently occupied rooms in the house, bathrooms see a lot of wear and tear in a short amount of time. Toilets begin to leak, tiles loosen around bathtubs and showers, and mold forms in the flooring […]