Great Patio Cover Design Options – Pergola, Closed Roof, Gazebo, Canopy, Screened In

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An attractive patio cover serves to define your outdoor living space and will increase the value and appeal of your home. A patio cover’s primary purpose is to provide shade from the sun’s scorching rays and shelter from light rainfall. The structure will also preserve the beauty of outdoor furniture, barbecue grills and other belongings as it protects them from weather damage.

Patio covers come in a variety of styles, from simple and streamlined overhead slabs that rest on support posts to elaborately constructed fixtures that evoke images of an ornate Greek or Tuscan villa. When contemplating the choices, it is important to choose a patio cover that will compliment the overall design style of the house’s exterior so that the two flow together naturally. Begin by pondering these five popular patio cover design options.

1. Pergola
Pergolas are freestanding structures that can be custom built to situate over patios, driveways, walkways and decks. Their appeal as a patio cover comes from the characterizing network of crossbeams overhead that allow limited amounts of sunlight to stream through. Vertical support posts enable climbing plants to intertwine and grow up the posts and across the overhead beams. This creates a natural canopy of beauty as such climbers as variegated ivy, roses, morning glories, wisteria and other attractive blooms and foliage adorn the framework. Pergolas may be constructed of wood, vinyl, fiberglass or metal and come in an array of structural designs. An open corner of the pergola can be partially enclosed with a lattice wall for additional shade and a privacy shield. The look of a pergola provides a timeless, European-inspired focal point.

2. Closed Roof
This patio cover design is typically an attached structure that is built onto the house. The roof is constructed from wood beams and may be covered with shingles to match those of the house’s roof. Support posts may be constructed of wood, vinyl or a combination of wood and masonry. The effect is a sturdy structure with rustic appeal, offering full protection from sunlight and precipitation. The inner beams of the roof are exposed, providing anchors for installing overhead lighted ceiling fans once electrical power has been incorporated into the structure. Colorful blooms in baskets, whimsical birdhouses or melodic wind chimes hung from outer perimeter beams add decorative personal touch.

3. Gazebo
Many homeowners opt for a gazebo to cover a portion of a large patio or deck. Covering the outdoor dining area, for example, allows for eating in the shade without shrouding the entire patio area from sunshine. Gazebos are pavilion-like structures that can be round, square or octagonal in perimeter shape and are crowned with a pointed roof. Gazebos feature half walls with vertical posts in between these walls and the roof. Some gazebos offer built-in bench seating along the inner edges and ornate railing for embellishment. The ornamental look is a statement of cottage charm.

4. Canopy
Similar to the tent structures seen at outdoor events, a canopy provides shade and shelter by way of a large sheet of fabric that is draped over a simple frame structure and secured decoratively at each corner post. The fabric is woven with durable, weather-resistant material and comes in a variety of color choices, from elegant neutral cream or taupe to bold hues to match the painted trim of the home. The fabric may be easily swapped out when a new replacement becomes necessary or a change of color is desired. This economical option provides a look that is light and airy. Due to the limitation of solid structure, hanging items or installing light fixtures is not an option.

5. Screened In Patios
As an increasing number of homeowners embrace the concept of outdoor living and entertaining, covering the patio with a complete, screened-in enclosure is becoming more favorable. Like the aforementioned closed roof design, this option is an attached construction that is built onto the house. The roof is a closed outer design that may be covered in shingles and from which a lighted ceiling fan may be hung from the exposed inner rafters. Half walls surround the perimeter of the patio and screens are attached to the vertical posts between the wall and the roof. This full enclosure not only offers protection from the elements, it also serves as a barrier against unwelcome insects and blowing leaves and keeps toddlers and pets corralled while playing in the fresh air. This design offers the ultimate protection for outdoor furniture, cushions and area rugs, allowing for more luxurious seating and decorative options for your outdoor room.

Once you have made your patio cover selection and furnished this new additional living space, you will be rewarded with a fresh air retreat where your family can revel in an extended season of outdoor enjoyment.

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