The Primary Benefits of Custom Built Home Windows

Posted by hoi March 12, 2013 0 Comment 2909 views

Are you considering custom built home windows versus pre-built standard windows for your upcoming replacement? Here are some things you should consider.

You are unique, an individual, why not allow yourself the opportunity to design your own custom windows which will reflect who you are and provide you with a significant cost savings. Custom windows have really kept up with all the advancements in technology and offer you the opportunities to really customize your windows in various ways, from functional options such as control noise or for security, to more decorative options such as patterned glass, divided lite patterns, and intricate shapes, to various degrees of tinting and glazing.

When you choose custom built home windows over pre-built or stock home windows you will experience a higher quality window, built by a craftsman who specializes in the manufacturing of these windows. The windows can be custom made to your design and most importantly, to the exact specifications of the needs in your home thereby reducing drafts and loss of heat and increasing your homes overall energy efficiency. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings when the utility bill comes and you’ve continued to maintain the level of comfort you desire all year long. In fact, replacing single-pane glass windows with ENERGY STAR® qualified custom built products can save you $125 to $450 on energy costs annually.

You will also be doing the environment a favor by using less resources to meet your same heating and cooling needs. When you choose custom windows, the windows will be carefully made to the exact needs of your climate to ensure efficiency. This also gives you a unique opportunity to change the size or shape of your entire room for example by adding differing sizes of windows, or one big bow window.

You can never undervalue the importance of personalized service and installation. It’s best to work with the custom window builder allowing them to measure and install the window, as they will ensure its proper fit and efficiency. You don’t want to take a chance on wasting all the money you would have been saving, by skimping on the installation resulting in improper fits and drafts. Also, you don’t want to compromise the windows warranty by not having it properly installed by the professionals.
With custom built windows, you avoid the pitfalls of stock windows which always require some patching and filling, and likely even some trimming to get the windows to just ‘fit’. You also avoid having to purchase additional seals, insulation, caulking, dealing with gaps, and drafts, and additional costs of additional visits to remedy the problems. Relieve yourself of these additional complications and headaches and have the custom built window professionals complete the job.

Statistics have been reporting that most homeowners save up to 40% annually on their energy expenses after replacing their homes windows. Now is the best time to decide on custom built windows. The cost savings and customization options are well worth the initial costs for custom windows and you may also qualify for certain tax rebates for home improvements. Make the choice to enhance your home’s value and aesthetics as well as investing in future cost savings.


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