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Your master bedroom should be your oasis. Designed properly, it can be your place to retreat after the workday is over, the house chores are done and the kids are in bed. You want this room, above all your others, to be peaceful and serene, a place you look forward to spending time in at the end of the day and one that promotes a good night’s sleep.

Attractive and serene master bedrooms are also great selling features when it comes time to put your home on the market. Prospective buyers will be drawn to your home (over others in the neighborhood) if they can imagine themselves relaxing in your bedroom retreat.

Seven must-haves for your master bedroom

To create this inviting, peaceful ambiance in your master bedroom, you’ll want to be sure to add a few of the following must-haves:

1. Walk-in closets and a dressing area. Few people ever have enough closet space. Creating a luxury walk-in closet and dressing area makes it easy to find your clothes, shoes and accessories and helps to take some of the stress out of getting ready for work in the morning. You can add extras such as a full-length mirror, jewelry trays and shoe racks if space permits.

2. A balcony or patio. A small balcony or patio off your master bedroom with French doors leading outside can help you relax after a long day, or give you a peaceful moment away from the family where you can sip your coffee in the morning. There’s something soothing about listening to the birds wake up and watching the sun creep above the horizon.

3. A sitting area. Today’s master bedrooms aren’t just about sleeping. A separate sitting area gives you a place to relax when it’s too cold or too dark to sit out on your balcony. Such an area needs one or two over-stuffed comfortable chairs, a good lamp and a side table to hold your book, reading glasses and coffee mug.

4. Three points of light. The conventional design theory is that every room should have at least three sources of light. This adds to the warmth and structure of the room and creates a welcoming mood. Three sources of light are especially important in a master bedroom because the room plays multiple roles. Soft bedside lighting helps to create a peaceful mood for evenings. More powerful overhead lights are useful for dressing in the morning, and directed lighting, such as a lamp or recessed bullet lights, are necessary for reading or other projects.

5. Window treatments that block the light. Luxury window treatments not only add to the elegance of your master bedroom, but they can help to block out the sunlight, allowing you to get a more restful night’s sleep. This is especially useful if your bedroom has windows that face east. One good way to achieve this is to hang layers of window treatments, such as sheers to block direct sunlight during the day and heavier draperies with a sun blocker backing that can be drawn at night.

6. Luxury bedding. Luxury bedding can make going to bed a treat. High quality linens in a single color or coordinating hues create a feeling of comfort and envelop you with luxury. A high-end mattress is also a good investment, according to many design professionals.

7. Plush rugs or carpeting. No one wants to get out of bed in the morning and step on a cold hardwood floor, no matter how lovely it is. Instead, opt for plush carpet you can sink your toes into in the bedroom, even if you choose hardwood in the rest of your home. If you can’t live without the look of maple, cherry or pine planks in your bedroom, cover up all but the edges with an area rug with a deep pile.

Creating a master bedroom that you’ll look forward to spending time in doesn’t have to be involved or expensive. Certainly, things like adding a balcony or a walk-in closet are best decided when you build your home. However, there are myriad smaller things you can do, such as adding more light and splurging on luxury bedding, that will transform your ho-hum bedroom into a luxury oasis.

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