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With its durability and classic look, leather furniture is quite popular for living room seating. Yet deciding that you want a leather seating option in your living room is just the first step. As you begin shopping, you will find a large number of options are available for those investing in leather. Here are some tips to help you choose the right leather furniture for your living room.

Choose By Leather Type

Not all leathers are created equal, and understanding the different types will help you make the best possible decision. Here are some common types of leather:

  • Pigmented: Pigmented leather works great for growing families, as it has a shiny outer coat that resists stains. This is a lower-grade leather that has been dyed to cover color imperfections and may come in a range of modern hues.
  • Full-grain: The highest quality of leather, this type is not processed at all. It is a tough, durable leather for furniture. The high cost comes from the challenge of getting uniform color without treating the leather.
  • Aniline: Full-grain, dyed leather that is one of the softest and most supple options. This leather can fade if kept in direct sunlight.
  • Split-grain: This is the “genuine leather” you typically see in stores. It comes from the lower half of the hides, so it is less durable and somewhat softer than the full-grain option.

To determine the type of leather you need, you must first determine where you will be using the furniture an what the conditions in your living room will be like.

Choose the Right Style

Leather is a material that lasts for decades, and as such, you want to choose a style that is fairly timeless. Also, choose a piece designed to hold up well over years of use. Nothing would be worse than investing in a piece of leather furniture, only to have the frame fall apart before the leather does.

Next, decide whether you want a large piece or an accent piece. A full leather couch can make a bold statement in your living room and provide ample seating for all your needs. On the other hand, a leather accent chair can add some warmth and a classic look to a neglected corner in your home. You can even find comfortable recliners, sectional sofas and ottomans in leather.

Choose the Right Color

When most people think of leather, they think of shades of brown and black, but leather can come in a variety of classic and trendy colors. Choose a color that matches your tastes, but remember to keep timelessness in mind. That lime green leather chair may be all the rage today, but in 20 years it might look dated. A trendy color combined with a classic design can be a pleasing compromise. Of course, for an ultra-modern look, you can choose both a contemporary frame and  a contemporary color.

Caring for the Leather

Once you have invested in a piece of leather furniture, keeping it well cared for is crucial. Properly cleaning and conditioning your leather is going to keep it beautiful and soft for many years to come. Start with a non-toxic cleaning product, then add a natural conditioning product to put moisture back into the leather. This will help your new piece of living room furniture become an heirloom in your home.

About the author:

Jim McGowen is the founder of Leather Honey, which manufactures Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the #1 selling leather care product on The company’s new product, Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, is designed to gently clean the leather before conditioning, and in between conditioner applications.