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The 42nd state of the United States, Washington became a part of the country in the year 1889. The state is populated by around 7,785,786 people, spread over an area of 184,827 km2 – making it the 18th largest in terms of area and the 13th largest in terms of population. Speaking population density-wise, Washington stands 25th, with 103 persons for every square mile. The Evergreen State, as it is often called, is known for its considerable Native American influences. What makes this state special in this regard is the fact that it still has a considerable Native American living population, which actively lends a hand into all aspects of life here – homes being no exception.

Washington’s stunning natural scenes are mainstay when it comes to people’s choices in homes – regardless of whatever they may be. And this is perhaps why things like solar roofing, vegetative roofs, an abundance of indoor plants and avoiding imported products as much as possible are often opted for. Innovation and technology are also huge in Washington state – after all, this place is known for its thriving tech scene and love for incorporating latest it has to offer. At HomeOwnerIdeas.com, we are dedicated to finding the right contractors for your home renovation needs.

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HomeOwnerIdeas.com is a home improvement website dedicated to the homeowner. We strive to share the latest, greatest, most classic, most timeless and most awesome ideas that can be applied to your home. We hope that by reading our website, you can walk away with a more clear picture on your next home improvement or decorative project. We focus on three main areas that would concern a homeowner. They are, Design and Decor, Do It Yourself (DIY) and Remodeling.

Design and Decor
In this section we want the homeowner to be able to visualize a possible idea that they are thinking about. Are you looking for retro-kitchen decoration schemes or maybe futuristic bathroom design ideas, or how about a black and white living room. We present pics that can help you visualize almost anything you are thinking about implementing.

Do It Yourself (DIY)
This section is pretty self-explanatory. We write step by step, how-to home repair and improvement articles. We want to be the resource that our readers can turn to for help in figuring out things like how to install a tile backsplash, or how to repair a loose cabinet and so on.

The remodeling section is dedicated to advice and ideas when remodeling is involved. Things like the average cost versus energy savings of certain projects to the most commonly used materials and why. In this section we aim to address common questions that may appear as you approach and go through a home remodeling project.

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