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The front porch is making a comeback, and homeowners around the nation are giving their front entrances a makeover. You can spruce up your front porch and turn it into a relaxing retreat that you will enjoy anytime the weather is nice, and you may even find yourself sitting on the porch to watch storms that roll through. Here are some ideas for incredible front porch makeovers that you can use on your own home.

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Protection and Privacy
Most front porches feature wide open space above the railing, and this can leave the area exposed to the elements. You can make this space more private and offer protection from the elements by closing it in with louvered panels and functional shutters.

A contractor can add vertical supports spaced evenly around the porch to hang the panels and shutters. Placing the louvered panels along the roof to make the space feel more private. Mounting the shutters along the railings allows them to be closed against the rain or opened to let a breeze in.

Finish off the area with some gauzy curtains over the stairs. Tie them back to welcome guests in, and then close them when the weather turns cool in the evenings and you want to keep the mosquitoes away. With the protection from the elements, you can add more comfortable furnishings and even a ceiling fan to complete the new front porch.

Dressing up a Small Porch
A small covered porch doesn’t have to be boring. Even a tiny space can become more welcoming when it’s renovated to make it more attractive and important. Make a small porch more impressive by adding key architectural changes.

Simple supports made of wrought iron can be replaced with impressive pillars for a bold look. Choose an elegant hanging light that will add a finishing touch to the ceiling. Have the simple trim around the fascia replaced with exquisite crown and decorative molding. If you have a concrete surface on the floor, hire a contractor to cover it with beautiful natural stones like travertine or marble. You can also soften the look and make it feel more elegant by adding sheer curtains along the exposed walls of the porch.

Go Larger
Small front porches can be expanded to become stunning outdoor living spaces. A gabled roof can be used to provide shade and shelter while adding architectural interest to the building. The porch itself can be extended from a simple area in front of the home to a full porch that extends from one side of the building to the other. If the porch will be very large, you might consider adding skylights to the roof to provide natural light around the front door to the home.

In addition to expanding the footprint of the porch, you can also go bolder with the supports. Replace simple pillars with stunning brick columns topped with bold wood columns featuring decorative trim. Use round Greek-style pillars instead of simple wrought-iron. Paint the woodwork and new supports a contrasting color to help them stand out from the home and become an important architectural detail.

This is also an excellent time to change the shape of your front porch. A simple covered porch is more interesting when the front of it is rounded and extends beyond the roof line. If the porch is near the corner of the house, you can choose an octagonal shape to add more visual interest to the home. If you have a decorative window directly above the porch, consider a flat roof with a railing around the upper part to create a balcony. Even though you will never get to use the decorative balcony, it will still add an elegant touch to the home.

Open the Structure Up
Some people want more privacy, and other people want the front of their home to be more visible. If your front porch has a simple railing that leaves it feeling bland, consider opening up the space by removing the railing. Install more attractive pillars and invest in stunning trim work to add visual appeal, but remove the railings completely to make the house look more open and inviting. Use all-weather furniture because there will be limited protection from the elements. Add interest to the space by using a few potted plants around the patio.

Front porches don’t have to be large to be amazing. Some of the most impressive porches have a small footprint. However, you can make any porch more impressive with these great remodeling ideas. Contractors can help you take a simple front porch and turn it into an important part of your home’s living space. Whether you add natural stone tiles and beautiful molding to your small porch or have it completely remodeled to add square feet, skylights and a luxurious look, you are going to love how the right front porch transforms your home.

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