How To Keep Dust Out of Your Closets

Store Clothes In Your Closet, Not Dust

Household dust is made up of small elements that may look harmless. These particles can contribute to bigger problems as they contain nasty components like dust mites, pollen, toxic chemicals, and dust mite excrement. This material can cause major discomfort by triggering allergies or potentially worsen serious illnesses.

The first step to a clean closet is to declutter and organize your space. For example, if you live somewhere with changing seasons storing out of seasons clothes in airtight totes can help prevent a dust infestation. Keeping shoes off the floor with a shoe rack and putting shirts in a box or drawer rather than stacked up on a shelf can also help decrease dust.

Unfortunately, there is no escaping dust and no extent of cleaning and organizing can get rid of it. But it is important to do your best to wipe down closet surfaces completely and routinely to reduce the amount of sitting dust on your belongings. A clean closet is a major contributor towards a better bill of health. For additional information, please review the below infographic.


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The Organization Diet: Cut The Clutter

Declutter Your Home. De-Stress Your Life.

Have you been looking around your house and noticing more and more clutter? Have you been looking around thinking you need to straighten up? If so, decluttering your house might be a great weekend project. Did you know, decluttering can also assist in weightloss? Decluttering can help lower stress levels and increase your overall health.

Living in a cluttered space can make it extremely hard to find things when you need them. This can add additional stress to your life and waste your time. Research has found that being exposed to a cluttered or disorganized area makes you more likely to overindulge on unhealthy or fatty foods- resulting in weight gain. Higher levels of cortisol can be found in those who find their home environment stressful. When your space is stressful, you are more likely to feel depressed and you have a higher risk of poor health.

The noble news is that making some adjustments to declutter your space can make it more tidy, restful, and decreases stress. Check out the below infographic for more information on how clutter can impact your life and simple steps on how to get organized.



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