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If you are coming up on a kitchen remodel or renovation and you are looking for some great designs and ideas to incorporate into your plans, have a look below. We have put together a collection of kitchen pictures that you can then use to share with your builder. Use the form on the right to get in touch with a local top rated kitchen remodeling company if you have yet to take that step. We hope you enjoy these great kitchen ideas!!

Here is a modern traditional kitchen. Notice the island which mixes white into a otherwise wood look.


The long and narrow kitchen below uses a great deal of white colors to accentuate the natural light. The mix of stainless steel appliances and antique finished cabinets is more common in kitchen remodeling plans lately.


The kitchen below also incorporates a great deal of white that blends with the stainless steel appliances. However, this kitchen is contemporary / modern because of the cabinets and lighting.


This luxury kitchen below is designed to accentuate the vaulted ceiling. The built in wine space on the right includes a wine rack above and wine cooler below. Glass cabinetry and classic lighting and chairs give this kitchen a unique, sophisticated look.


Below is a bright, modern country style kitchen that features contrasting colors and a stand out kitchen island.


To contrast the kitchen above, this pic below shows a modern city style kitchen. This type of kitchen is great for a condo in city highrise. True stainless steel with dark cabinets and white oversized tile flooring, this kitchen is perfect for city-slickers.


Many people these days are building their stovetops into their island. This usually comes with an exhaust fan directly above the cooking unit which can often be a centerpiece of the kitchen.


Some kitchens feature a backsplash that is worth building around. In this case, the backsplash sets the look of the kitchen and gives is a country and comfortable feel.


This kitchen is designed to accentuate the eccentric vaulted ceiling.


This kitchen exudes a look and feel of a rustic cabin in the woods.


Here is a modern version of the 1950’s kitchen. The use of light wood and the general color scheme give it the 1950’s style look while the modern sleek appliances and contemporary exhaust fan bring it in to the future.


We hope you enjoyed our collection of kitchen pictures and ideas!

Whether you are designing the kitchen for your new home or remodeling an outdated kitchen to accomplish a more contemporary look, you will want cabinets that not only bring the whole space together, but give your kitchen a unique style all its own. Some of the more modern materials used in making contemporary cabinets include glass, exotic woods, and stainless steel. While there are dozens of contemporary design schemes to choose from, here are three unique kitchen cabinet looks you may be interested in when considering your contemporary kitchen design.

Black, White and a Splash of Color

Black and white has always been at the forefront of the classic kitchen design, but now it is coming into its own as a wonderful combination color palette for contemporary kitchen cabinets. Try installing glossy white kitchen cabinets and pairing them with black marble or granite countertops. Once you have the basic cabinetry down, you can choose one or two colorful accessories, such as fire-red pendant lighting above the black and white island/bar seating area or a vivid color tile for the kitchen backsplash. The cabinets in this design should be sleek and tall with little or no adornment on the doors to give the area a clean, industrial look. This design is perfect for smaller kitchens because the slim, light design can make the space appear larger.

Smooth as Glass

The open cabinet design is used when you have an eclectic mix of beautiful dinner and glassware you intend to showcase, but the openness of the design doesn’t quite fit within a contemporary kitchen where everything must appear in order. To be able to display your wares without giving your kitchen a farmhouse look, you might want to consider using glass inserts in your cabinets. Glass can be used many ways. It can be etched, fluted, or frosted to obscure the contents behind.

Dark wood such as mahogany turns any kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece. The glass inserts fit nicely into this type of cabinet. Stainless steel cabinets, by themselves, can appear too stark for some modern kitchens, but if you use glass inserts, such as the fluted type, it can transform your kitchen into a most inviting modern space.

Contemporary Glass Kitchen Cabinets

The New Green

One of the best ways you can do your part to save the environment is to consider using green materials in your contemporary kitchen cabinet design. Thinking outside the box will enable you to create a unique-looking kitchen starting with the cabinets. Renewable materials such as bamboo/plywood and lyptus, taken from a hybrid of the eucalyptus tree, are not only as sturdy as traditional hardwoods, but they are extremely beautiful woods that fit perfectly within the contemporary design scheme. In addition to their unique appeal, cabinets fashioned from green materials also offer additional health benefits by emitting less chemicals into your environment than those made from traditional cabinet materials.

Whichever contemporary cabinet design you choose, be sure that it fits within your overall modern design scheme. A qualified interior design expert can help you decide which materials and colors to choose to accomplish a unique look that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come