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The Average Cost of Adding a New Sunroom to Your Home

Posted by hoi April 22, 2014 Comments are off 120 views

A sunroom can enhance your enjoyment of your home and give you additional space for entertaining or just relaxing. However, the term “sunroom” can mean different things to different people. To some, a sunroom involves little more than adding walls and a roof to an existing patio to create an area that will be used [...]


Four Big-Ticket Home Remodeling Upgrades with Resale Value

Posted by hoi March 18, 2014 Comments are off 1472 views

Few homeowners are completely satisfied with the layout, décor or overall appearance of their homes. This often leads to big home renovation projects, many of which cost thousands of dollars to complete. As these homeowners spend their savings or take out additional mortgages to finance these improvements, they often begin to wonder whether the renovations [...]


The Average Cost of Composite Decking

Posted by hoi March 11, 2014 Comments are off 1645 views

Adding a new deck to your home increases the value of the property, boosts its aesthetic appeal and expands your family’s living spaces. Composite decking is a durable and environmentally friendly option that provides a good return on your home improvement investment. Cost of Composite Decking Decking costs vary by region, material type and the [...]


Important Facts about Heated Flooring

Posted by hoi March 4, 2014 Comments are off 1856 views

Hardwood and tile floors have their advantages, such as giving the illusion of more interior space and eliminating stains as seen on carpets. However, stepping onto a cold floor during the winter months has its drawbacks, and the ice-cold feeling you get from your feet to your knees makes you want to crawl back in [...]


5 Ways to Create Eco- Friendly Inspired Homes

Posted by hoi January 27, 2014 Comments are off 1929 views

One of the brightest forms of current ecological activity is in the area of metal construction. There are now a whole host of ways that steel buildings can be actively used to enhance and organize all areas of home activity. Versatile and durable, steel constructions are environmentally friendly from the outset. Companies such as Future [...]


How Long Should New Vinyl Siding Last?

Posted by hoi January 8, 2014 Comments are off 1867 views

In the 1950s, vinyl siding was first introduced to the market as an alternative to aluminum siding. Siding that is made of vinyl was more lightweight and less prone to dents, and paint lasts much longer on vinyl than on siding that is made of metal or wood. The Components Vinyl siding has two layers. [...]


How Long Should Residential Home Windows Last?

Posted by hoi November 21, 2013 Comments are off 2210 views

Windows come in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. Years ago, the material used for window frames was limited to wood, but today, you can choose vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows. However, wood frames are still one of the most popular material options. Today’s window manufacturers also produce different types of glass to give [...]


The Average Cost of New Siding and other Home Exteriors

Posted by hoi November 5, 2013 Comments are off 2626 views

Hiring a contractor to install new siding is a large project that can have a bill ranging from $1,500 to $15,000. This huge price range depends largely on the building’s size and your choice of material. Typically, a contractor must come out to your home to give you a customized quote, but you can get [...]


The Average Cost of Installing New French Doors

Posted by hoi October 14, 2013 0 Comment 3192 views

There’s an old joke among professionals that when a client asks a question that they don’t know the answer to, they are told to respond, “That depends,” which gives them time to look up the answer. Strangely enough, in the case of giving an estimate for the cost of installing new French doors, “that depends” [...]


Local Looks – Custom Bathroom Floor Coating in Minnesota

Posted by hoi September 28, 2013 0 Comment 4717 views

We received a submission from Minnesota. A reader, Sammy Jo, submitted a project that appears to have turned out quite nicely. They wanted to replace the flooring in their bathroom. After examining a few options, they wanted to save money, but had a goal of giving themselves a modern / contemporary look. Once the options [...]


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